Mar 29 , 2020

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Which company is behind the survey?

Founded in 1992, Tradewell (556366-0249) is a company which works with all types of data collection for market research purposes. Our postal address is Box 5243, 402 24 Gothenburg. Should you have any questions, our email address is

How does it work?

By responding to our survey you accept the terms and conditions laid out in this document and therefore consent to the processing of your personal data.

In order for us to be able to carry out statistical analyses, survey participants (respondents) consent to Tradewell registering in a database the data they provide in connection with our surveys where these survey responses are anonymised prior to delivery to the client. Every respondent has the right to know which personal information Tradewell has registered. Every respondent moreover has the right to have incorrect information rectified.

You as a respondent may not copy or forward any information, text, pictures or other material contained in the surveys you receive from Tradewell.

What will we ask you about?

Although we conduct surveys on every possible topic, they usually focus on what you like or don’t like about different products or services or what you think about your workplace. However, we will never ask you for your personal identity number, account number or credit card information. Nor do we ever ask about topics such as sexuality or religion or any other sensitive subject, unless you’ve agreed to take part in a survey on such a theme.

Personal information

Tradewell is committed to ensuring that your personal information remains secure, is accurate and cannot be misused by others. We’re strict about following our information security guidelines and handle members’ personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204). All Tradewell employees are under a strict duty of confidentiality, and we work on the principle that as few employees as possible should have access to personal information.

The respondent grants Tradewell the right to provide clients with registered basic data and survey responses in a processed, anonymised form. The respondent hereby acknowledges and consents to the use for research purposes of any responses or other information voluntarily submitted by the respondent, including any so-called sensitive personal data (as defined in the Personal Data Act). Survey participation and responding to questions is voluntary. The respondent may choose not to answer questions if he or she does not consent to the handling of personal data.

Tradewell also operates in accordance with the internationally recognised ethical framework for conducting market research and opinion polls as defined by ESOMAR (the European Society of Opinion and Market Research – see:

How long does Tradewell store information about me?

It will not be possible to connect the responses you provide to surveys with your identity once we have delivered the answers to our client in an anonymised form.

How do I protect myself against viruses?

As a result of recent virus attacks, all of us are more careful about opening emails from individuals or companies where the identity of the sender is in doubt. Tradewell never sends out emails containing attachments. We use the email addresses and for sending out invites which contain links beginning with: or

Jun 07 , 2020

Now we have moved in to World Trade Center

Our new office is located in the middle of the city. Welcome to visit us!


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