Consultants with affiliation.

For the consulting company Adwise, their success factor is a stable and competent base of senior professionals. With the help of ongoing employee surveys, they capture the needs of their employees and can thereby retain them.

When AdWise started their employee surveys, ESS, together with Tradewell, they received feedback that communication between the office and the consultants was too weak. Cohesion is a big challenge for organisations whose consultants go out to work with the client and meet less often with managers and colleagues in their own organisation.

- It's very important that we have it together at the personal level with frequent meetings, explains Bert Olsson, CEO of AdWise, who compares his role with the family doctor's:
- You shouldn't change your contact person all the time, but rather have one person who knows exactly what the consultant thinks is fun and good."

This knowledge also increases the opportunity to find assignments that really match the consultants with the right clients. A win-win situation for both clients and consultants.

Other areas that Adwise studies in its surveys are the administrative functions. Since the company's consultants are freelancers, it's important that invoicing is carried out easily and smoothly.

- It's not about earning money, but finding a professional and social network, says Bert Olsson. Olsson just came back from this year's conference trip to Tallin, where, aside from enjoying a change of scenery with his colleagues, he also held workshops. The company's monthly lunches are usually well attended, as are the evening seminars.

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